Pasargad Bank, Uldouz Commercial-Office Building, Ardebil, Iran

Uldouz Ardebil Commercial-Office building has been constructed in four floors and bellow underground water levels. This 1250 (sq. m) project has been formed by aggregation of 6 lots surrounded by three roadways and is consisting 3 parking, 4 commercial and 5 office floors. Each of these buildings sections has independent and separated access. Due to time limitation of this project, construction has been continued in summer and cold weather.

Ardebil Commercial-Office building properties:

  • Construction of the project based on engineering methods with high quality materials
  • Classy Commercial-Office building in the covered area
  • Client:

    Pasargad Bank

  • Location:

    Sarein Station, Ardebil

  • Start Date:


  • Utilization Date:


  • Area:

    14262 square meters

  • Landuse:

    Commercial, Office