FANAVARAN Construction Technology Developers (P.J.S.)

FANAVARAN Construction Technology Developers (P.J.S.)

  • Architecture and Urban Development Consulting Engineers
  • Registration Number: 197292
  • Registration Date: Jan 8 /2003
  • Member of the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers
  • Gradation of Management and Planning Organization (MPO) of Iran:
  1. Residential, Commercial, Administrative, Industrial, and Military Buildings
  2. Educational and athletic buildings and healthcare facilities
  3. Urban Development

The professional activities of this company can be divided into three time periods:

  • The period of individual partnership with various natural entities
  • The period of autonomous professional activity before establishment
  • The period of legal activity after establishment

The first phase began in the middle of 1995, during which members participated in a variety of projects and partnerships with various individuals, and this process has been continued ever since. In March 1997, this team began working in a manner similar to its current structure and eventually on January 8, 2003 was registered as a legal entity and has expanded and flourished throughout the years.

The Board

Mohammad Mahdi Safaee

Chief Executive Officer

Shahram Shokoohinia

Chairman of the Board

Parisa Rashid Shomali

Vice-chairman of the board

Afsaneh Askari

Member of the Board


Nastaran Rikhtehgaran

Director of Workplace

Nazanin Farman Bar

Senior Designer

Sepide Mohebbi

Senior Architecture

Ramoeil Youhanaei

Financial & HR Principal

Arefe Torkaman

Project Architect

Mansour Safaee

Director of Human Resources & Financial

Shabnam Mirrezaie


Meysam Safaee

Construction Site Manager

Parinaz Charmdooz


Aysan Abdian

Office Manager

Hossein Mardani

Office Expert


Ali Afshar

Architectural Design Partner

Bijan Fazel Bastam

Mechanical Design Partner

Jila Norouzi

Architectural Design Partner

Alireza Kohandani

Electrical Design Partner


Architectural Design Partner

Namira Holding Company

Brand Management Partner

Shervin Mazaheri

Structural Design Partner

Kaveh Chehreh Motlagh

Civil Design Partner