FANAVARAN Construction Technology Developers (P.J.S.)

FANAVARAN Construction Technology Developers (P.J.S.)

  • Architecture and Urban Development Consulting Engineers
  • Registration Number: 197292
  • Registration Date: Jan 8 /2003
  • Member of the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers
  • Gradation of Management and Planning Organization (MPO) of Iran:
  1. Residential, Commercial, Administrative, Industrial, and Military Buildings
  2. Educational and athletic buildings and healthcare facilities
  3. Urban Development
The professional activities of this company can be divided into three time periods:
  • The period of individual partnership with various natural entities
  • The period of autonomous professional activity before establishment
  • The period of legal activity after establishment
The first phase began in the middle of 1995, during which members participated in a variety of projects and partnerships with various individuals, and this process has been continued ever since. In March 1997, this team began working in a manner similar to its current structure and eventually on January 8, 2003 was registered as a legal entity and has expanded and flourished throughout the years.

The Board

Mohammad Mahdi Safaee

Chief Executive Officer

Shahram Shokoohinia

Vice-chairman of the Board

Parisa Rashid Shomali

Vice-chairman of the board

Afsaneh Askari

Member of the Board


Nastaran Rikhtehgaran

Director of Workplace

Ramoeil Youhanaei

Financial & HR Principal

Sepide Mohebbi

Senior Architecture

Mansour Safaee

Director of Human Resources & Financial

Arefe Torkaman

Project Architect

Aysan Abdian

Office Manager

Shabnam Mirrezaie


Meysam Safaee

Construction Site Manager

Parinaz Charmdooz


Nazanin Farman Bar

Senior Designer

Hossein Mardani

Office Expert