Residential 2

Residential complex number two has several competitors in Kish due to its distance of more than 1000 meters from the coast. Therefore, in order to compete in this market, it is necessary to gain a different position from its other competitors. To achieve such a situation, this project must respond to several features that are considered important by buyers, and thus provide buyers with a better choice in the market.

One of the main features of this project is its location in the vicinity of a large sports complex with public open spaces and tourism services at various scales, which has been considered as a necessity in the design process. Another factor that has been considered is the way of providing services and the quality and area of ​​service spaces within the project, which in comparison with other competitors can make the project have a privileged position. Therefore, according to various socio-economic and physical factors, the project is planned and designed based on a 4-star hotel residence. Residential complex number two is designed on a land with an area of ​​16127 square meters and 61752 square meters of infrastructure in 17 floors (14 residential floors, 1 service floor, 1 support floor, one parking floor).

  • Area:

    61752 Square Meters

  • Landuse: