Hashtgerd Residential Towers, Alborz, Iran

Five residential buildings were designed in Phase 1 of Hashtgerd New Town, which is on a high altitude and is one of the best regions of that town. Throughout the design process, we have tried to contribute to the continuity of foothill routes and provide more view to the surrounding environment through the creation of balconies on various floors. Moreover, through the gradual density throughout the floors and the existence of fewer units on the higher floors, a certain sereneness throughout the building. In addition, one of the middle balconies designed for public use, which is one of the important issues considered in the design.

  • Client:

    77 Youth Housing Co

  • Location:

    Hashtgerd New Town

  • Contract Commencement Date:


  • Total Area:

    22000 Square Meters

  • Landuse: