450- Units Qom Residential Complex, Qom, Iran

This 450-unit residential complex is located in Pardisan town of Qom. This project has been planned based on the MRUD proposed rent apartments criteria. Despite the small size of the residential units and their considerable density, we have tried to differentiate between private, semi-private, public- and semi-public spaces to the extent possible; pedestrian and vehicle routes have been separates as well.

One of the important issues in designing of this complex is its stair massing. The design is so that the peripheral parts sidelong by the surrounded urban fabric, are low-rise and rising height continues gradually. Maximum height and floor numbers are in the middle parts of this project.

  • Client:

    Labors Housing Co

  • Location:

    Qom, Iran

  • Contract Commencement Date:


  • Total Area:

    31000 Square Meters

  • Landuse: