Title :Providing the needed green spaces together with splendid architecture through development of public underground spaces for city of Tehran

Type of the Paper: Compiling

Researcher :Mohammad Mahdi Safaee ,  Marjan Ghafoori

Date of Operation : 2016

Presented inAssociated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS)-Saint Petersburg, Russia


City of Tehran which was once small city surrounded by gardens and farms; now a days has changed into a huge mass of high rise and unsuitable structures in comparison with other buildings and has almost lost its green identity. More than 200 years have passed since city of Tehran has been the capital city of Iran with the rapid growth of population and irregular growth of automobiles, and construction projects which have changed the feature of city. This made Tehran face a lot of shortages Such as green spaces, quiet and splendid atmosphere which might have established social relationship among people. This city is now seriously facing with shortages of green spaces which results in lack of enough oxygen, air pollution and decrease in quality of living and lack of city livelihood which the unfavorable result of them can be seen on the soul, mind and also the body of its citizen. In this article emphasizes are made on the social factors, technical and structural condition for development of underground spaces. This case suggest development of green spaces in one of the old and densely populated region of Tehran.

Therefore not only do we maintain many public spaces needed for the district such as commercial spaces, service spaces like halls, cinemas, parking, sidewalks; we can also have free on the ground spaces for children playground, sidewalks, aerobic exercises, and many landscape also are formed. Following this, many residential spaces can be formed around these open spaces with eye pleasing views and landscape. Consequently this will cause more social relation, dynamic, sustainable city life and together with splendid architecture. Development of these centers in different distances of the city can decrease negative aspects which we have already referred.

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