Title :The need for development of underground spaces of the historical fabric of city of Tehran

Type of the Paper: Compiling

Researcher :Mohammad Mahdi Safaee , Kamelia Pourmakhdoomi

Date of Operation : 2014

Presented in : Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS)- Hong Kong


Historical fabric of old cities are the integral identity and natural wealth of them. Today because of mush room- like growth of the new construction in some cities the cultural identity and historical fabric of those cities are fading. The historical fabric of city of Tehran which becomes a center for whole sale of necessary equipment in Iran, after passing the immediate development; changed its feature when underground system was inaugurated in Tehran in 1998 and attracted a lot of people to go to city center and old bazaar of Tehran. Most tourist attractions lie in this part of city, and after the inauguration of this region, metro lines will attract more tourist to visit the museum and other historical centers in this part of this city. It also has become a district for social communication of Tehranis, their shopping and daily commuting.Gradually with the increasing of population of Tehran , and flourishing of these centers in the area of bazaar and the city center , the price of land and houses escalated ; at the same time with the centralization of different commodities in this area , trade centers and high rise commercial buildings have been constructed and have attracted the builders to compete for constructing huge and tall shopping malls and complexes which have no harmony with the other historical buildings around them . On the other hand municipality of Tehran is issuing permit for condense and disharmonized projects . This article deals with problems of urban space development, in this historical fabric with understanding of the real needs of metro – Tehran and also realizing values of historical urban fabric of the city and it’s urban feature; it also suggests the development of underground spaces as a good method of amalgamation of new and old building and preservation of urban feature and its historical frame work…

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