Title : SHAVADAN; The Sustainable Architecture in the city of Dezful in Iran

Type of the Paper: Compiling

Researcher : Mohammad Mahdi Safaee

Date of Operation : 2009

Presented inAssociated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS)-China


To make adjustment with nature, Iranian native architects in different climates of hot, dry and semi-arid of Iran have created a lot of innovations. Air traps, under grounds, water reservoir and ice chests are some examples of these sustainable innovations. One kind of these sustainable architectures that has been built underground, is called SHAVADAN. Shavadan is a place which was built in the depth of5-12  meters underground in the region of Khuzestan, particularly in cities of Dezful and Shushtar. This article explains the particulars of the inhabitants’ life style in Shavadan which is located in hot and semi-humid area in Dezful. Also, it explains the usage of this method in old buildings in the past. We can also use this method at present time in order to save energy

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