Title : Sarbetagh; a Sustainable Underground Architecture for Development of Tourism Industry in City of Dezful in Iran

Type of the Paper : compiling

Researcher : Mohammad Mahdi Safaee

Date of Operation : 2007

Presented inAssociated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS)


Water always has been one of the most important matters for survival of the human beings.  Iranian native architects have created a lot of innovations to utilize water.  One kind of these sustainable architectural innovations that has been developed in underground is called Sarbetagh-Ghomesh,  These spaces have remained idle for many years under the ground of Dezful city.  These underground networks furnished Dezful city water system, when the city lacked piping water system.  The Dezz river water pass through the canals called Ghomeshes.  The Ghomeshes brought water from the upper regions of Dezz River to the city and people used the river water from underground spaces called Sarbetagh. This article explains how these underground spaces influence life of the inhabitants in Dezful and shows and suggests how we can use the remains of these attractive places again.  It also emphasizes that how we can have access to a sustainable architecture and tourism via rehabilitation of these old and ancient places…

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