Title :Construction of Tohid Intercity Tunnel and huge changes in its surrounding in Old Part of Tehran, Iran

Type of the Paper: Compiling

Researcher : Mohammad Mahdi Safaee, Ali Afshar and Aala Derambakhsh

Date of Operation : 2012

Presented in : Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS)


The rapid growth of city of Tehran in recent decades has caused daily heavy traffic jam, big wasting of energy, expenses and time and finally, air pollution. Tohid Tunnel with six lane round trip traffic and 2136.00 meters length is the longest intercity traffic tunnel in Iran. Since 2009, after construction of Tohid Tunnel in Chamran north-south expressway, traffic jam has moved freely and furthermore, huge changes have been made in the surrounding area of the project. This article describes the changes by employing documental and observational methods. Besides, this study also aimed at elucidating the importance of construction of the tunnel for developing process of Tehran especially in old parts of the city. This study also identified the positive and negative points that have been materialized in the area. Finally, this is attempted to clarify that how the possibility of the tunnel extension can improve the development of the city, decrease pollutions and increase the quality of life especially in old parts of Tehran

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