Khaatam University of Pasargad Bank, Tehran, Iran

Khaatam University project is a 13000 (sq. m) building consisting five floors on the ground and three basements in Northern Shiraz Street. This project was purchased half-constructed at the end of Northern and Southern facades framing, sponsored by Pasargad Bank, to establish the central building of Khaatam University and has been assigned to this Consulting’s in order to design and construct based on new function.

All of the desired spaces have been designed based on coordination meetings and considering less distraction in form of a framework regarding requested requirements. This project has been constructed via fast tracking technique in three working shifts and has been utilized after 4 months by the new academic year.

The contract duration has been foreseen 8 months; 4 months before October 2013 and the rest of it after starting academic classes simultaneously with utilization date in form of basements remaining spaces completion.

Following list can be mentioned as the project properties:

  • University buffet and restaurant design with accessibility to the yard
  • Conference room and amphitheater design for 300 user as well as defense rooms and 100 users conference halls
  • Locating the site and International TOEFL test halls. This area is equipped by advanced systems required for internet-based tests.
  • Projection classrooms design
  • Advanced and equipped laboratories
  • Separated laboratories
  • A balcony toward the yard to increase the sight available to students in all season
  • This complex is also equipped with central data system, central server room, emergency and ordinary power, central warning system, firefighting system, automatic fire alarm and fire box. Fan coils and central cooling towers have been considered for cooling and heating. The whole building is equipped by smart systems as well.

Project limitations are as follows:

  • Purchasing the building in the framing phase, while it had been designed for Official uses and major process of equipping and joinery had already been done.
  • Proceeding basement phases to provide university sections were not possible until the end of the project due to land use change which leads to huge problems in construction especially in gas and power customer connections.
  • Client:

    Pasargad Bank

  • Location:

    Hakim A’zam St, N Shiraz St, Tehran

  • Start Date:


  • Utilization Date:


  • Area:

    Approximately 13000 square meters

  • Landuse:

    Educational (University)